Over the years I’ve spent coaching female entrepreneurs, I’ve found one thing that almost every single one of us has in common: limiting beliefs. Maybe it’s because, as women, society has told us we cannot be as successful as our male counterparts. Maybe it’s because people in our lives have told us we’ll never be good enough. But whatever the reason, female entrepreneurs tend to hold onto these limiting beliefs that tell us we can’t, we won’t, we’re not good enough, mediocre is okay.

And what’s worse: we believe these little lies. We let them stifle our progress, not just in business but in life!

There are thousands of beliefs that could be holding you back, but these three are some of the most prominent—especially for those of you who are trying to grow a business:

1. I can’t ask for or accept help from anyone. I have to do it all and be the marketing director, the sales person, bookkeeper, customer service rep and…

No. You certainly don’t have to wear all these hats…and you shouldn’t. The tasks or roles you don’t enjoy will wear your down or fall by the wayside, hurting your business in the end. If you focus your time on doing what you love and what you are good at, and outsource to contractors what you don’t enjoy doing or aren’t enthused by, your business will benefit greatly. It’s scary spending money, but you’ll quickly see…your investment in outsourcing dreaded tasks will pay itself back in no time. And you’ll regain (some) of your sanity!

2. Working harder is the only way to make more money. I’ll bet when you first started your business, you were all about the hustle. Taking every client, saying yes to every project (big and small), working from early morning into late, late at night. And you might even have been energized by it.

But that mindset of hustle all day, every day…well, it’s holding you back now. Weird, huh?

It’s time to start working smarter, not harder. It’s time to fire clients who aren’t ideal and cost you more time than necessary, and be selective about the clients you take on and the products you offer. It’s time to make time for YOU, and invest more heavily in activities that earn passive income. Those who know me know I preach the importance of self-care and taking good care of yourself. For more advice about reaching your greatest and highest good, check out my article, Be Your Best Self.

3. I have to stick to my plan. When I started my counseling practice, I had no idea it would ultimately lead me down the road to becoming an author, a transformational life strategist, and a nationally recognized keynote speaker. Being open to new opportunities—or recognizing when you feel compelled by another purpose—is a powerful way to realize your potency as a human being. It’s okay to let go of what isn’t working, as it leaves room to pursue something that’s more intriguing and may be more fulfilling, which ultimately leads to greater success.

Defeating limiting beliefs is just one of the many blocks I help female entrepreneur overcome through my coaching programs. Limiting beliefs are tricky, because our brains will actually seek out proof to support our beliefs—whether they are true or not. If you believe you cannot succeed, the brain will seek out evidence to support that belief and cause you to fail. On the other hand, if you believe that you are amazing, empowered, and destined for success…well, guess what the brain does then? That’s right…it will help you succeed! 

Ready to kick those limiting beliefs to the curb and set yourself up for long-term success?

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teri karjala

Teri devotes herself to being the resource people need to uncover their greatest levels of joy and fulfillment in their everyday lives. From teaching courses, keynoting powerhouse events, and being a consistent abundance advocate, onlookers cannot help but leave her presence feeling energized, equipped, and ready to live life to its greatest capacity.