The way we go about our daily lives—from what we believe to the actions we take—stems a lot from the values that were instilled in us as children. What we came to believe about ourselves as children has a direct and powerful influence over how we see ourselves as adults. As children, we didn’t know what we didn’t know. But today, as adults, those limiting beliefs are holding us back, whether we know it or not. But, to some extent, we know our stories could have different endings…if only we held different beliefs.

False or limiting beliefs are those we have about ourselves that are simply not true. They mostly live in our subconscious mind, so we may not be aware of how they impact our daily lives.

False beliefs include statements that start with “I can’t…” or “I won’t…” or “I don’t have…” Most people believe that these statements are rooted in reality. Statements like, “I can’t try this new activity because…” or “I won’t talk to that person because…” or “I don’t have enough time…” are often excuses we make for ourselves.

Learning to identify when we’re telling ourselves these little lies is the first step in overcoming limiting beliefs.

Here are 5 ways to stop believing what’s not real, and start living in the truth of your amazing self!

1. Acknowledge. Write down on a piece of paper one false belief you hold. This could include your fears, or excuses about why you feel you can’t accomplish something. Maybe your belief is, “I can’t go to medical school because I am bad at science.” Write down the excuse and explain why you think you are bad at science. How does this relate to applying for medical school? Is your excuse valid? Explore it a bit.

2. Find the source of the belief. Where does the belief come from? You can usually find the source by listening to your intuition—that little voice in your head or knowingness in your gut. It usually stems in childhood—maybe someone said that to you, and you took it to heart. Or is it the voice of your parents, or other authority figure from childhood, telling you that you would never be able to do something? Remember, your parents’ beliefs aren’t facts either!

3. Tell yourself they are not rooted in facts. Try to find the evidence for the belief and you will realize it’s really based in false thoughts and feelings. There is no evidence to support a false belief, besides your own misguided thoughts. For instance, there are probably no facts that show you can’t get into medical school just because you think you’re bad at science!

4. Change the belief into a new one. Empower yourself with new beliefs and statements. Turn that “I can’t” into a resounding “I CAN” statement! Place little notes of your new beliefs and statements and embody them. See how that changes your actions for the future…just that energetic shift can cause MASSIVE results!

5. Have a new experience for the belief. This is the part where you go out and prove your beliefs wrong. Conquer that mountain! Act out your new beliefs as if they are a new role. For instance, instead of telling yourself, “I can’t talk to strangers, I have social anxiety,” go out and put yourself into a new situation and be the kind of person who talks to strangers, even if it’s a simple hello to someone in line at the coffee shop or and thank you to someone who held the door for you. Try it on for size and see how you like the new, bold, MAGICAL you!

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