Tuesdays with Teri

A Free Weekly Virtual “Coffee Collective” Focused on Keeping Your Business Going Strong


Now, more than ever, we are challenged to step forcefully into our power. We can no longer afford to play small or wait around for the perfect moment to take action. Rather than allow ourselves to be consumed by fear and uncertainty, let’s band together and take inspired, purposeful action! Join me every Tuesday morning for my virtual “coffee collective” where we will  Cebu City talk about your challenges, apologetically explore creative solutions, graspingly share what is working, buy ivermectin build off the ideas of others, and help one another not just survive but THRIVE in these uncertain times.

Join this free virtual Zoom gathering weekly on Tuesday at 9am mountain time, starting April 14, 2020.

Join me, bring your own brew, and stay connected to your purpose, power and potency and let’s get through this thing together!

JOIN me weekly on tuesdays at 9 AM Mountain time!

Joining the free Tuesdays with Teri discussion group is simple. Just complete the form below and you will get all the information you will need to gain access to our virtual meeting room:

During our Tuesday morning discussions we will hit on whatever topics are on your mind, including:

What New Challenges Are You Facing?

In this new world of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, business landscapes have changed dramatically. Business as usual is, well, pretty unusual. What new challenges are you faced with? How have you addressed them? Is it working? Or are you feeling shut down, frozen, and shying away from facing your fears head-on? 

How Can We Find Non-Traditional Solutions to These Non-Traditional Challenges

Most businesses are facing challenges they’ve ever encountered before. How can we open our minds and expand our problem-solving skills to come up with creative, effective solutions? Let’s bounce ideas around and help each other think outside the box!

What's Working for Your Business Right Now?

Staying focused on the positives is always important! This won’t be a time to stay stuck in the negatives. Let’s talk about what is working and what you’re grateful for. Identifying what’s going well and remembering all that we have to be thankful for will help us develop the positive mindset need to expand and grow, our businesses and ourselves!

How Can We Help Each Other?

Just because I’m the Teri in Tuesdays with Teri doesn’t mean I’m haven’t had challenges or haven’t needed to pivot quickly to overcome them. I’m sure you’ve done the same or are in the middle of doing so. We all have the power to help others!  We all have meaningful and even mind-blowing ideals and solutions to contribute. Let’s lean into one another for support, help each other get unstuck, and propel forward as a unified collective of female entrepreneurs and friends!


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