Whether you are skydiving, switching career paths, walking on stage to present in front of hundreds of people, or trying something new for the first time, standing at the edge of your comfort zone is challenging. When you think about it, though, all it really takes is about 20 seconds of courage to be able to stretch outside your current reality. If you want to grow, you have to be willing to take risks. To change—or even just to get different results—we must do things differently. Routines can be great, but to expand you have to be willing to do something new. Something you have never tried before. Something, well…uncomfortable.

In my recent podcast with Patty Aubery, New York Times best-selling author, President of the Canfield Training Group, and the woman behind the growth of the publishing industry’s first billion-dollar brand, Chicken Soup for the Soul® we talk about clearing out the blocks that are holding us back from what we really want. For Patty, her biggest fears were—paradoxically—being seen and being invisible, and she knew she could only be one and not the other. It took a clear vision, the ability to ask for help, and a strong tribe behind her for her to reach her highest potential. Patty compares her growth process to trying on an uncomfortable pair of jeans: as time goes by, they fit perfectly and slowly become your favorite pair.

The truth is the only difference between the folks who “make it” and those who haven’t yet is that the former are willing to take risks, step into the unknown, and get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Maybe they failed, but they sat with that uncomfortable feeling and did not let it stand in the way of what they wanted.

We all get in the way of our own success with our insecurities, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs, whether we are aware of it or not. Be willing to be uncomfortable, realize that there is no destination, and turn your greatest fear into your greatest light.

Are you ready to get comfortable getting uncomfortable?

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teri karjala

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