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Most Requested Talks:

Unlock, Embrace, Experience Extraordinary

TOTAL TRANSFORMATION Live an extraordinary life, take responsibility for your happiness, eliminate the stories that no longer serve you, discover the gifts you were innately born with, and truly believe in the abundant possibilities surrounding you.

This talk will provide you with dynamic, out-side-the-box tools to discover the power within yourself to create the life of your dreams. Pulling from various energy concepts in combination with the Law of Attraction Teri provides the necessary actions to get yourself out of your way and fall in love with your life again! They are designed to UNLOCK the blocks to the unconscious mind that keep you stuck in the muck, to EMBRACE, and experience your extraordinary self! Teri will share her simple actions in creating happiness by teaching her 7 secrets to staying passionate, positive, and prosperous!

The time is NOW! Are you ready to create MORE in your life?

What to expect:

  • Be inspired, energized, to start living your extraordinary life
  • Learn the 7 secrets to create MORE in your life
  • Learn new tools to keep you moving forward

"Teri Karjala’s infectious enthusiasm fills the room to inspire, motivate, and be the guide to support your transformational process." -TJ

Can Your Head-Trash:
Live Extraordinary

NEGATIVE NO MORE - Is your head-trash taking over your life? Then it’s time to take out the trash that is no longer serving you. We will Identify and explore the negative thought distortions and how they affect your self-esteem. You will learn how to shift negative self-sabotaging thought processes through this fun and energizing experience. Be introduced to transformational tools to change your life with.

What to expect:

  • Understand negative thoughts and the brain
  • Identify thought distortions
  • Impact of thoughts on our lives
  • Tools to shift to positive thoughts

“Teri is a very motivational speaker, she had the class entirely engaged, and provided many nuggets of practical business experience. Her story of what she overcame to be successful is inspiring!” ~Metro State University-Lynn Hoffman

Refocus, Re-center and Recharge:
3 Secrets to Extraordinary Self-Care for Employees

SELF-CARE SUCCESS - Want to know the secrets to ROCKIN your life? …Amazing Self-Care! So often over-looked, under-done or seemingly un-important in our all-consuming lives. Whenever our “bucket” is full-I know you are rocking your world. In other words-You’re creating your own magic in your life.

What to expect:

  • Discover: What’s filling/emptying your BUCKET?
  • Breaking the barriers to self-care
  • Outside the box tools/exercises
  • Inspired action plan that YOU will DO

“The interactive presentation Teri did was extremely inspiring and motivating! Teri has a presence about her that immediately uplifts your spirits and breaks down barriers to achieve your dreams.”  ~Highlands Behavioral Health System

Unlock Your Extraordinary:
Tap Into The Power of EFT

EXTRAORDINARY LIVING - If you are tired of feeling powerless over circumstances in your life and are ready to make a shift, join this workshop to learn a powerful tool that anyone can use! Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a process for releasing the internal, subconscious blocks that keep you from achieving personal and professional goals. EFT is a technique that combines ancient Chinese Acupressure with modern psychology. By stimulating your body’s meridian points with your fingertips you are able to “tap” into your own energy and healing power.

EFT is effective in reducing fears, anxiety, and pain; it can retrain your brain to release food cravings and habits; and it can remove internal blocks and improve self-esteem and personal performance. Teri Karjala is a licensed Professional Counselor Teri with over 14 years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma and been helping others unlock, embrace, and experience their extraordinary.

"I was amazed at how effective EFT was... I left the training having eliminated my 26-year fear of flying phobia!" -Rachel

Here’s what to expect:

  • Learn the EFT process; identify meridian points and their purpose
  • Explore methodology behind the technique
  • Develop a basic knowledge of Energy Psychology
  • Identify and recall all of the EFT meridian points
  • Learn the four basic ingredients of the EFT process

“Teri’s talk was like having a jolt of electricity to the system! We loved having her as our guest speaker!”  -Kathryn