Talking with Teri: The Podcast

Navadwīp Say Goodbye to Limiting Beliefs, Self-Sabotage, Your Inner Critic & Imposter Syndrome…For Good!


concavely Trapped by the belief that I wasn’t good enough. Bound by the limitations and lies that consumed my world. That was me. It wasn’t until I took the biggest leap of faith in my life to know and trust in the power that lied within…and it was at that moment I made a choice:

My past will not define me anymore.

Hello, I am Teri Karjala. And I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

Over the years, I found that the #1 biggest mistake that we make is getting in the way of our own success story. Yes, I said it! On this podcast—together—we’ll tackle such topics as limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, getting stuck, fear, doubt, overwhelm, and impostor syndrome.

Join me and my guests on this journey, designed to transport you beyond your limitations, into a world where anything is possible! http://counsellingarena.co.uk/easy-programs-in-shmoop-an-a-z This is Talking with Teri: The Podcast.


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Talking With Teri and Dr. Margie Warrell

Dr. Margie Warrell brings sharp insights from her diverse global background to inspire bolder thinking and braver action. Margie was a multi-hyphenate before it was a ‘thing’ — speaker, author, Forbes Columnist, podcaster, mother of four, women’s advocate, media commentator, adventure traveler, Ph.D., board advisor…and aspiring barista!

Talking With Teri and Nick Strand

Nick Strand is an Author, Professional Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, and entrepreneur. Passionate about living. Driven, motivated, and well inspired.

Talking With Teri and Doreen Milano

Doreen Milano is a Certified Business Coach (CPC) with a demonstrated ability to identify business obstacles, whether in your corporate culture, profitability/margins, equity growth, marketing or employee retention/engagement.

Talking With Teri and Salisha Thomas

Salisha Thomas is a California native and a former Miss California. She graduated from CSU Fullerton with a BA in Theater, is a former vocalist for Disneyland, has performed regionally throughout California, and toured with Beautiful The Carole King Musical, and later joined the cast on Broadway.

Talking With Teri and Jodi Krangle

Today’s guest in Talking With Teri is Jodi Krangle. She has been a voice actor since 2007 and has worked with clients from major brands all over the world including Dell, BBVA & Kraft.

Talking With Teri and Tracy Gold

Today’s guest in Talking With Teri is Tracy Gold. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, and TV presenter. She created her YouTube channel, Tracy Gold Fashion Tips, to inspire women over 40 to look and feel fabulous regardless of their age.

Talking With Teri and Maayan Gordon

Today’s guest in Talking With Teri is Maayan Gordon. She is a dynamic powerhouse in her own right. She is a serial entrepreneur, successfully owning four businesses into the 6-figures.

Talking With Teri and Rod Smith

Today’s guest in Talking With Teri is Rod Smith. He is an entrepreneur. He is a business coach with three business degrees.

Talking With Teri and Linda Clemons

Today’s guest in Talking With Teri is Linda Clemons. She is the CEO of Sisterpreneur Inc and an expert in Sales and Nonverbal Communications. She is one of the Top Trainers in the world where she had generated over $2 billion and sales with her client.

Talking With Teri and Suzanne Tulien

She is a Brand Clarity Expert, an International Speaker, and an Author. She notices the variety of creative ways people are ‘branding’ themselves both consciously and unconsciously. But, is a successful personal brand the result of powerful marketing? When the hype subsides, what keeps a good personal brand going strong? What is the real secret to personal brand growth and advocacy?


There is no one better to help you ignite your life at a whole new level then Teri Karjala! She exists solely to guide women through their transformational process to awaken their EXTRAORDINARY! And, she is on a mission to give you the tools to take the right risks that catapult your life, help you overcome your fears, and live a life of positivity and potential.