Talking with Teri: The Podcast

Say Goodbye to Limiting Beliefs, Self-Sabotage, Your Inner Critic & Imposter Syndrome…For Good!


Trapped by the belief that I wasn’t good enough. Bound by the limitations and lies that consumed my world. That was me. It wasn’t until I took the biggest leap of faith in my life to know and trust in the power that lied within…and it was at that moment I made a choice:

My past will not define me anymore.

Hello, I am Teri Karjala. And I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

Over the years, I found that the #1 biggest mistake that we make is getting in the way of our own success story. Yes, I said it! On this podcast—together—we’ll tackle such topics as limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, getting stuck, fear, doubt, overwhelm, and impostor syndrome.

Join me and my guests on this journey, designed to transport you beyond your limitations, into a world where anything is possible! This is Talking with Teri: The Podcast.


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Talking With Teri and Tim Gillette

Tom Petty? Nope…even better! This rockstar branding coach shares the simple secrets that he learned from the brilliant Zig Ziglar himself. Join us as he shares how these tools continue to contribute to his success on and off the stage.

Talking With Teri and Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson shares with us how this ONE powerful tool changed everything, and how this tool set her on her transformational journey. What I love is that what she created continues to serve people in a profound and uplifting way.

Talking With Teri and Kami Guildner

Have you ever plateaued in your life or business, or simply stopped growing? Fear can have a devastating impact on our life and business ventures if not contained. Join us as Kami Guildner shares her secrets and how she transformed her fear with her “R-Factor.”

Talking With Teri and Michele Joy

You are in for a treat! This dynamic powerhouse shares how trusting and knowing can transform any adversity. This is true even when life throws us unexpected challenges! Michele Joy shares how it forced her to take a deeper look within to discover her true purpose in life.

Talking With Teri and Dorris Burch

When you have a deep knowing that anything is possible. The great news: we are all born with it, we just have to be willing to listen to it and take action when it speaks to us. The fabulous Dorris Burch shares with us the one question you need to ask yourself... The...


There is no one better to help you ignite your life at a whole new level then Teri Karjala! She exists solely to guide women through their transformational process to awaken their EXTRAORDINARY! And, she is on a mission to give you the tools to take the right risks that catapult your life, help you overcome your fears, and live a life of positivity and potential.