Joann Tierney-Daniels is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and autism advocate. Joann is also the founder of Visual Schedules, a company that creates personalized visual schedule magnets for teachers and families impacted by autism spectrum disorders.

Joann is the founder of JTD Health, Mindset & Wellness Coaching. Like many parents dedicated to the needs of their children, Joann was overwhelmed by stress following her son’s diagnosis and used it as an excuse to neglect her health. Over the course of a decade, she lost her identity and gained, then lost, 100 pounds. 

In addition, Joann is the host and producer of the top ranked Adversity to Inspiration: The JTD Coaches Me Podcast. This program is comprised of a series of interviews with individuals who have overcome adversity, grown through their challenges, and are now impacting the world in a positive manner. 

Joann is the Executive Director of Diversity Programming, Broadcast Media Content Developer, and Program Producer, at the Coast 2 Coast Entertainment Network, and serves as the host on the popular weekly programs, 

Whatever on Wednesday, The Bo and Jo Show, Holistic Health and Hot Mamas, and Tips & Tricks for How to Look Good Naked AND Why You Should Love Yourself Even if You Don’t.

Connect with her:

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Website: https://jtdcoachesme.com/ 

Facebook: @JTDCoachesMe  

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