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Talking about Teri

I just took Teri’s workshop and I loved it! It was better than I expected! I took away so many fun nuggets and I’m going to go home and be motivated to put all of it in ACTION! Kim

I just took Teri’s workshop and it is the best one I have EVER taken! I want to thank her. She is an absolute amazing instructor! Cheryl

The interactive presentation on self-care by Teri Karjala last month was extremely inspiring and motivating! Teri has a presence about her that immediately uplifts your spirits and breaks down barriers to recognizing and taking action to achieve your dreams. She makes you see that it is a myth that you cannot do anything you desire to do. By completing the worksheets at the presentation, I was able to see how much time I was spending on different activities in my life and how I can re-prioritize the way I spend my time. I have taped my “Self-Care Plan” up in my bedroom which reminds me all the time that the dreams I have can be realized and achieved a little every day. The “Little Book of Self-Care” that she put together just for this event was full of easy to do little ways to bring positivity through mindfulness to any moment in your life. I even used one of the tips on positive (affirmation?) to see that I-25 rush hour traffic was a positive thing that day! Every time I talk with Teri, she has found new ways to put positivity into your life and how to achieve your dreams, which she herself models every day.

Kate M. Ziesenheim

Community Liaison, Highlands Behavioral Health System

Oh my stinking goodness I wanted to stomp my feet in giddiness and run around my house and scream! You are this wonderfully uplifting and empowering person to know! THANK YOU is not strong enough words. You have given me a larger gift than you will ever know Teri, thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!


Our experience with Teri has been ever changing and beautiful. We are so grateful for our work with her and often say, “wish we had hired her at the beginning, gosh, think of where we would be now.” In either case, everything happens just as it is supposed to and Teri has taken our lives to a whole new level. We have had profound results not only in our lives but in our business as well by implementing the tools we were given and we are completely “ROCKIN IT,” so Teri has called it!  Thank you Teri for the gift of YOU, we are ever so grateful!


Reading and doing the creative journals were the highlight of my day. They helped me appreciate life, learn about myself and treat every day as a gift that inspires me to live my life beautifully.  Her books are vibrant, full of life, contain outrageous optimism and radiant reminders that have helped me change my life for the best.  Each book is uplifting, inspirational, and contains wisdom in which you can learn and live and love your life.  these books also placed messages of joy, love and inspiration in my daily life which in turn helped me to remember my truth, and the love, beauty, joy and fun that exists in these pages and in me.

Brenna O'Brien