For so many women—especially entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives—we’re compelled to achieve greatness in our professional lives, but just feel…stuck. Like the wheels are spinning. We take two steps forward and stumble seven steps back. It’s clear there is something standing between us and success… but what?

Mostly likely, it’s ourselves. It’s very common for us to be our own worst critics and subconsciously stop ourselves from rising to the top and living the truly extraordinary life we desire.

In my years of experience, working with female entrepreneurs and key leaders, I’ve identified these 5 blocks that hold many women back, without them even knowing it:

1. We limit our beliefs. We’ve bought into the idea that there’s a ceiling to our potential and believe we can only accomplish so much. Perhaps we think we don’t have what it takes to be the head of the company, or bring our business revenue beyond six figures. Somewhere deep inside, we think we’re not meant for success.

2. We self-sabotage. We make excuses for why we don’t succeed when, really, we are unknowing the one standing in our own way.

3. We are afraid to face our fears. It’s terrifying raking risks and having faith…so we don’t. We tell ourselves the timing isn’t right, or something else has come up, or we’ll do it when this-or-that happens, so we don’t have to face our fears.

4. We burn ourselves out. We take on too many tasks at once, or don’t ask for help, thinking we have to do it all. The problem is we face burnout sooner than later, and stress quickly takes over our lives.

5. We suffer from “Impostor Syndrome.” We may present ourselves as confident on the outside, but on the inside, we’re filled with fear and think someone will “find us out” we’re not as we present ourselves to be. We feel like an impostor, and not worthy of what we’ve already achieved, never mind more!

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teri karjala

Teri devotes herself to being the resource people need to uncover their greatest levels of joy and fulfillment in their everyday lives. From teaching courses, keynoting powerhouse events, and being a consistent abundance advocate, onlookers cannot help but leave her presence feeling energized, equipped, and ready to live life to its greatest capacity.