If you have goals you want to achieve, but feel you’re often just a little short of reaching them…I get it. I’ve been there myself, and I know how frustrating it can be. However, holding yourself accountable and keeping yourself on track can help you get across the finish line.

Much of it comes down to being more intentional and aware. More calculated. Setting goals isn’t usually enough—you need a precise plan, plus a plan for rewarding yourself…and sometimes even a little outside help.

Following are 5 ways to hold yourself accountable and continue moving forward on the path toward your personal and professional goals:

1. Write your goals down. Make a list of your long-term and short-term goals. Keep a checklist of to-do items that break them down into smaller parts. A daily to-do list will help keep you moving steadily toward your goals. Consider using my Daily Intentions Planner, which will keep you focused on the big picture through the pursuit of smaller, more palatable daily goals…all while keeping gratitude front and center!

2. Commit to a schedule. Set aside time each day to map out your daily goals and to-do’s. Having a set schedule means that, even when you’re not motivated, you’ve made a commitment to execute your routine…no matter how bad you just want to curl up and go to bed, go to the movies or hang out with friends.

3. Reward your accomplishments. Set up smaller, mini goals or milestones to strive for along the path towards your main goal—and when you reach one, reward yourself for it. Treat yourself to that extra sweet treat with your afternoon coffee, or celebrate with your girlfriends at that hot new restaurant in town. Practice a little self-care as a reward for yourself and all your hard work!

4. Get help from others. Getting help from others—friends, family, colleagues, coaches, and mentors—can be a great way to propel you towards your goals—faster and with more focus. Those who are closest to you can give you objective advice, or support you when you need to get back on track. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! A problem shared is a problem cut in half.

5. Review your performance. Every once in a while, step back and review your performance. Are you making your way toward your goals? Are you on track? Do you need help? If you find yourself further from your goals than you want to be, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your strategy and get yourself back on track or an entirely new track.

By implementing these 5 simple steps, you will have an easy-to-follow map to your treasure chest of goals! As a Transformational Life Strategist, my job is to help people define their goals, develop an action plan, build a support network, and hold them accountable for making forward progress in a gentle and supportive way. If you, like so many other women, have trouble holding yourself accountable…maybe it’s time to take a different approach and bring in a professional.

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