My coaching programs are designed to help clients break through mental barriers using a variety of tools, including emotional freedom technique (EFT), cognition, goal-setting, journaling, gratitude and more. Through these tools and techniques, I’ve helped many people stop their self-sabotaging tendencies and make measurable changes to the way they think and act—changes that ultimately enable them to turn the life of their dreams into a reality. However, there is another habit that so many successful people share: a commitment to fitness.

Regular exercise results in many benefits: happiness, maintaining a healthy weight, muscle and bone health, and increased energy levels. It reduces our risk of chronic disease and makes our skin radiant. It helps us relax and sleep better at night.

But fitness is also closely connected to our ability to succeed in our personal and professional lives. And here’s why:

1. It strengthens the connection between mind and body. In fitness, we surpass our expectations and achieve results we never thought were possible. This doesn’t just strengthen our bodies…it also strengthens our minds. We will begin to see the obstacles in our lives the same way we see fitness goals. We come to believe that absolutely nothing is out of our reach.

2. It makes us more tenacious and consistent. When we start a fitness program, we don’t always see results immediately. This makes it easy to start slacking off, or make excuses for why we can’t get to the gym or go out for that jog. But when we commit to a fitness routine, we teach ourselves to be slow, steady, patient and persistent. What amazing qualities to carry over into our everyday lives!

3. We prioritize our own physical health and wellness. We only get one body, and taking care of it now will prevent us from becoming ill in the future. If we can’t make time for exercise now, we’ll most certainly have to make time for sickness in the future…and sickness will only get in the way of our success!

4. Target-setting becomes second nature. In fitness, we set targets, work for them, reach them…and then set more targets. And so the cycle goes. We continue to set our bars higher and higher, getting hungrier and hungrier for growth and accomplishment. Setting targets in our professional and personal lives works the same way. Once we achieve one target, we want more. And more. I use my Daily Intentions Planner to keep track of my targets and hold myself accountable for taking daily actions towards reaching them. Check it out, it could help you set and reach your own targets!

5. It makes us happier and more confident. One of the core components of my coaching program is helping my clients come to see how truly amazing they are—that they were not designed to be mediocre! That they deserve happiness and success. Through fitness, not only do we reap the mood-boosting benefits of serotonin production, but as our bodies change and we consistently surpass the targets we’ve set for ourselves, we start to see ourselves in a new light. We become more confident, and confidence is key to achieving success.

I love helping people change their lives and achieve success. My coaching program leverages energy psychology and proven tools and techniques for personal and professional growth. However, from Fortune 100 executives to celebrities, the connection between being committed to fitness and succeeding professionally is undeniable. I encourage my clients to exercise regularly to support the work we do together—even if that just means getting out for a brisk walk during their lunch break, practicing yoga at home in the mornings, hiking on local trails, or taking an afternoon bike ride with their kids.

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teri karjala

Teri devotes herself to being the resource people need to uncover their greatest levels of joy and fulfillment in their everyday lives. From teaching courses, keynoting powerhouse events, and being a consistent abundance advocate, onlookers cannot help but leave her presence feeling energized, equipped, and ready to live life to its greatest capacity.