One thing I’ve discovered along my own transformational journey from mediocrity to magnificence is that, whether I believe it or not, I am a powerful and potent human being. And so are you!

Many times, however, we dilute our potency, and get stuck in the muck. We want to create abundance in our lives—an abundance of love, money, experience, success, etc.—but we’re unable to get out of our own way. We can all truly have the abundance we so desire AND we can create it ourselves with the simple act of setting daily intentions.

Setting daily intentions puts our desired outcomes in motion. Intentions allow us to remain open to receiving the many possibilities and gifts of the universe. Setting intentions raises our emotional energy, which—in turn—raises our physical energy. Where goals keep us focused on the future, intentions keep us focused on the present. I use daily intentions as a way to reach my long-term targets and hold myself accountable for taking inspired action.

The benefits of setting intentions versus goals include:

Endless possibility, infinite potential. When we set daily intentions, we impact our bodies at a molecular level, as was proven by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Intentions have no limits!

Intentions are meaningful. Intentions aren’t about what we want to accomplish in life. They are about who we want to be as humans. What we wish to contribute to the world around us. Through intentions, we can positively impact the lives of others and ourselves.

Intentions make us more effective. When we state an intention, we have the power to change the way we approach our work, or our love life, or our parenting styles. Setting an intention keeps our well-wishes at the forefront of our minds all day, with very little effort.

Setting intentions can prevent self-sabotage. Instead of focusing on our problems and limitations, intentions help us focus on where we’re going and keeps the power of change in our own hands.

So, what’s the best way to start setting intentions? Ask yourself the simple question: where do I desire to go? Set an intention for all that you would like to receive in life. You can intend to be kind and open to the possibility of bringing joy into the lives of others. You can intend to be grateful and open to joy, love and positive energy. There is no such thing as a bad intention!

Asking generative questions to the universe will help guide you towards setting an intention when you don’t know what you want your day to look like. One question I like to ask is: “what contribution can I be and receive today?” Asking this question is a powerful tool that keeps you open to an endless array of opportunity and possibility.

Start every day by setting an intention. This advice inspired me to create my Daily Intentions Planner. At first, this was a tool I used personally, to map out my own intentions and make notes of the changes that manifested in my life as a result. Now, my Daily Intentions Planner is a go-to tool for transforming the lives of my clients and go-getters the world over.

Go ahead. Play in the place where possibilities abound, and create—with ease and joy—an extraordinary life. A life that you absolutely love. It all starts with setting an intention.

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