Since 1972, the number of women-owned businesses has increased by 3,000%—holy moly! Women now make up 40% of all entrepreneurs, and are taking the lead in becoming their own bosses. Why are so many women taking on the challenge of being their own boss?

Here are some of the reasons I think so many women are taking the leap and starting their own business:

1. Flexibility. Women are still, for the most part, the primary household caretakers, which means they need the flexibility to create their own schedule and be there for their families. 74% of women said flexibility is more important than money, and working for yourself means you can set your own hours and have more freedom to tend to personal needs.

2. Taking control of their own salary. As an entrepreneur, how hard you hustle directly relates to your revenue earning potential. You are in charge of your own paycheck, and there are no limits or asking for raises or feeling frustrated because the guy at the desk next to you, doing the same job, is making more money than you. You can determine how much you want to work and earn.

3. Following their dreams. Oftentimes people end up in jobs with no advancement opportunities, or uninspiring day-to-day tasks. Starting your own business means you find significance in your work and you can leave behind a legacy that you’re proud of! Being passionate about your work—following your dreams—contributes to a successful business!

Now with so many female-owned businesses opening their doors, the question is this: how is YOUR business doing? If you find your business is stalling, ask yourself these questions:

• Are you struggling with negative self-talk, anxiety, depression and feeling triggered?

• Are you consumed by fear and unable to make decisions or take purposeful action?

• Are you sabotaging your success and standing in your own way in every possible moment?

• Are you trapped in fight, flight or freeze mode, making choices that aren’t right for you?

• Are you sitting on untapped knowledge and expertise, without knowledge of how to leverage it in a profitable way?

Many times, female entrepreneurs get “stuck” in these fears and anxieties, and can’t take steps forward, thereby halting their business entirely. If you’re struggling with how to move forward—if you want to smother your impostor syndrome, step into your greatness and fully own your confidence—attend UNLOCK Live on Saturday, February 8th in Denver. You will be in a room with like-minded peers – women just like you – and I will teach you how to unlock your true potential and catapult your business to the next level!

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Advance tickets are available now at a discounted rate. Once they’re gone…they’re gone. Learn more about this transformative event and buy your ticket today

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