Everyone engages in significant self-sabotaging behaviors one way or another. Lack of self-confidence, underselling yourself, and comparison are some manifestations of self-sabotage.

Maybe you have a marketing plan that needs revision, a product that needs improvement, or an employee issue that needs addressing. Yet, you choose not to confront them. Whether you recognize it or not, your self-sabotaging behaviors kill your success potential. But, even if you were aware of your limiting mindset, it can be challenging to stop.

The wonderful news is that meditation can help counter self-limiting behaviors. It offers a rubric for how to handle situations thrown at you as a business owner, a career that’s fraught with risks, stress, and uncertainty.


Meditation and Its Benefits

Meditation is becoming more and more mainstream nowadays, but it dates back to 1500 BCE. Its most apparent benefits are reduced stress and the ability to remain focused and present. After all, when your mind is calm, you’ll be able to better see through the chaos in whatever situation you’re in. Thus, permitting yourself to make better decisions.

Meditation impacts the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and amygdala. These parts of the brain are responsible for memory, learning, decision-making, and fear response. And as an entrepreneur, these are core skills that you need to run your company effectively.

As you practice regular meditation, these parts of the brain become more enhanced. So, you’ll be more willing to take risks, make intelligent decisions, and have a more rational approach to potential stressors. These are desirable traits you want as a business owner.

But adding meditation into your daily life can be challenging when you’re already dashing from one task to another. So to start with, you can wake up at least 15 minutes before your usual wake-up time. Use that opportunity for a quiet time to prime yourself for the busy day ahead. But if this isn’t something you can do, you may always devote a part of your lunch break to meditate. You will find that you’re more energized throughout the afternoon.


Ways to Stop Self-Sabotage

Apart from meditation, here are two other practices you can do to stop self-sabotage:

Be Mindful of Your Thinking Patterns

Meditation, in a sense, means spending time with yourself. It increases your awareness and helps you identify negative behaviors and thought patterns. So if you find yourself thinking you’re not competent enough or life will never get better, take a moment to recognize those thoughts. Then, see where they’re coming from. As you develop insight about yourself, you can become more intentional about where you need to make changes.

Practice Positive Affirmation

Positive self-talk is speaking and treating yourself kindly, just like you would treat a loved one. It’s about focusing on your strengths and using them to solve problems in your life. It doesn’t mean you have to shove down negative feelings in pursuit of having only good vibes. But it’s about reframing your mindset and seeing hope in all types of situations.

Some examples of positive affirmations you can recite to yourself every day are:

  1. I always do better than I did yesterday
  2. All my thoughts and efforts will lead me to success
  3. There’s an opportunity in everything that presents itself to me
  4. Obstacles and challenges strengthen me


Practicing meditation to counter self-sabotaging behaviors can be difficult. But, as you embrace the everyday practice of quieting your mind, you’ll notice positive changes in your life. To learn more about how meditation can help build your personal and business’ success, I invite you to listen to my podcast: https://talkingwithteri.com/podcast/.