The law of attraction may seem outlandish or mystical to some, but business leaders, celebrities, and success stories around the world swear by it. The law of attraction goes beyond creating a vision board that you may never look at again—it becomes an active, intentional part of how you think every day! What are some practical ways you can use the law of attraction to build a thriving business?

Connect to Your Truth

What is it you want to accomplish with or through your business? What is the greater purpose or mission? Dig deep and fully embody the truth of who you are and how that plays into your business and projects—this will translate to authenticity, and attract people and opportunities that resonate with your truth.

Commit to a Routine

While vision boards can be helpful, it is essential to take productive action that goes beyond magazine cutouts that help you visualize yourself and your business within the ideal picture you have painted. Each day requires taking an intentional action step toward your vision, even if it is a baby step. Before you know it, those baby steps will add up and you will soon be running towards your ideal!!

Cast Aside Your Doubts

Just as you are what you eat, you are also what you think! Most are familiar with that inner critic, voice of doubt, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm. These can all stand in the way of what you want. If you want to create your ideal life and business you must be willing to let go of the negative thoughts, even if one by one. To help you get there, begin to focus your attention on what you do want to create, not on what you don’t want, don’t have, or what could go wrong. What you focus on expands!

Set Intentions with Grace

Have your eye on the prize, but stay open-minded and fluid as to how you might reach your goals! Life does not always unfold according to plan, there may be other things in store for you. Allow space for miracles to happen. The universe might not take you along the most scenic route but always keep the faith and walk gracefully in the direction of your intentions, even if it takes you on a few unexpected detours.

Have Fun!

To make all of this sustainable you must incorporate fun as you cannot create a life or business you love out of all work and no play. Make room to have fun. Creativity is not born from rigidity, drudgery, or excel sheets, it flows from the space you allow in your imagination, dreams, fun, and a wide-open heart.

Recently, I interviewed Michele Joy on my podcast. She is a powerhouse of a woman, an author, podcaster, and certified coach. Her biggest words of advice were to believe that anything can happen, play more, follow your joy…and why not? Why not YOU? Don’t wait for the universe to hit you with a cosmic two-by-four! Make steps toward your vision now!

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