In the market today, we are seeing an increasing influx of women entrepreneurs and investors. Yet, the roadblocks that still exist for women have hardly disappeared. Being a woman-run business can be a source of pride, as we are still up against many odds, with higher barriers to entry than men. Are you in an internal debate on whether to wear your woman-run business badge of honor with pride? Well, let that flare shine because you are thriving despite a still largely uneven playing field.

Why is it Important to Market Your Business as “Woman-Run”?

Uneven Playing Field

Against all odds, here you are. Be proud of that! Some of the ways the odds are stacked against women: 3% of venture capital funding comes from women CEOs, businesses led by women are 63% less likely to receive funding, for every 100 men, only 85 women are promoted, lastly, the COVID-19 crisis could set women back half a decade, particularly mothers. Because of these statistics, it may seem daunting to be a woman-run business, but it is this very discrepancy you should embrace.

Be an Inspiration for Other Women

Lead by example and be a mentor that women can look up to. Visa released a study that showed 66% of female entrepreneurs have difficulty securing the funding they need and 64% rely on self-funding. Show your fellow sisters how it’s done! We are here to lift each other up, and the more women who see other women succeed, the more they can be a source of strength and inspiration for others out there trying to make it.

“She” is the New “He”

It is a ripe time for women to continue to enter the business world. 79% of women feel more empowered today than they did five years ago. Activists are screaming from the rooftops that workplaces need to be more inclusive and diverse, particularly in leadership and higher-ranking positions. Customers and supporters want to see women in leadership and succeed in the business world.

Are you ready to attract abundance into your life & business?

So, is the fact that your business is women-run something worth mentioning today? Absolutely! If you need someone in your corner because you feel inspired yet overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, schedule a free 30-minute Talk with Teri and start identifying the blocks that hold you back from all you are capable of!

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