Do you ever doubt your accomplishments? Do you question your personal abilities? Do you worry others see you as a “fraud?” If so, you may be suffering from impostor syndrome. While impostor syndrome can affect any entrepreneur, women are often affected more significantly than men.

Here are some ways to help conquer those negative voices in your head and realize the amazingly talented, potent and powerful woman you truly are!

Find Your Purpose. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, and how you plan to do so. Or maybe you’ve already found your purpose! If that’s the case, remind yourself of your purpose and pursue it. Remembering that you’re either already pursuing your goals or have already achieved them will help you feel good about who you are.

Write Down All You’ve Accomplished. Re-read your bio when you have doubts. Look at all the amazing things you’ve accomplished to this point! Sometimes, we forget how far we’ve come until it’s written for our eyes to see. Once your laundry list of accomplishments is in writing, you can marvel at how much you’ve achieved. Note: while you’re writing down your accomplishments, write down the names of people whose lives you may have affected or influenced along the way.

Keep a Gratitude Journal. Write in your journal daily, quickly noting the many things in your life you’re grateful for. They can be little and big things. Journaling about gratitude will keep you focused on the positive and remind you of all the awesome people and things you already have in your life, taking the focus off of the things you don’t have but want.

Understand That Failure is Part of the Journey. Know that failure is part of the journey called life, and that, along with each failure, comes new life lessons. Once you accept that failure is part of the process, all of your successes will be from the risks you take moving forward.

Recognize the Difference Between Facts and Feelings. Just because you feel like an impostor, doesn’t mean you are one! Oftentimes, our thoughts get taken over by negativity, even though that negativity isn’t rooted in anything factual. When you start to feel that negativity creep in, examine whether those feelings are actually true, or if they just feel true in that moment. Maybe feeling “not good enough” is just that: a feeling…not a reality!

Tune Up What You Don’t Know. If you don’t know something, know that you can learn it! Whether continuing education for your work, or learning a new skill or hobby, you can always learn whatever you need to feel more confident about whatever you don’t know. Just because you don’t have answers to everything does not make you a fraud. In fact, that’s what makes you human!

Do you have a lot of self-doubt and feel it’s blocking your progress toward success? Well, join the club. Female entrepreneurs are especially susceptible to impostor syndrome and many other mental blocks that keep us stuck wherever we are. If it’s not impostor syndrome, it’s limiting beliefs, a screaming inner critic, self-sabotage…you name it.

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