Success and fulfillment are often achieved through the active pursuit of personal wellbeing. Those who are happiest with their lives are often seeking a deep level of self-development—exploring a wide array of interests, fostering a diverse set of relationships, and constantly engaging in self-education. As you might expect, these actions require risk taking, and a proactive approach to life’s everyday challenges.

Here are 7 ways to develop yourself in a way that yields personal fulfillment and enlightenment:

1. Know who you are.
Do you know who you are? What your values and beliefs are? Do you feel your life has purpose? Having a goal to pursue leads to great life satisfaction. What are your dreams, and are you taking action to reach them? Don’t get caught comparing yourself but instead, follow that which is meaningful to you. Once you have a better understanding of who you are and what you desire, having clear objectives will be easier to pursue.

2. Curiosity helps.
Be curious about the potential and possibility your future holds. It’s a good idea to dream big and consider all options, no matter how crazy they may seem. Ask questions, get answers! Being thoughtful and curious will inspire you to dream bigger than you ever thought you would. Have a sense of adventure!

3. Set a path to your goals.
The more you lay out a plan for your goals, the greater clarity you’ll have about the direction you want to take. You must prioritize, since without a clear path, you may get off track. Knowing how you plan to achieve your short- and long-term goals will leave you more focused in going after what you want.

4. See things through.
Commit to keeping your eye on the prize. Knowing what your end goals are will make it easier to take action persevere when the going gets tough. You’ll most certainly run into challenges and understanding that challenges are part of the process means you’ll have an easier time seeing it through. It’s also helpful to tell friends and family about your goals—sharing with others helps to hold yourself accountable!

5. Pick up some hustle.
Don’t wait around for things to happen to you. Hustle to make things happen; have a sense of urgency. Hustle makes you jump out of the bed every morning and motivates you to chase your day. Figure out what your day will bring, and start checking off that to-do list!

6. Be resilient.
There will always be obstacles and hurdles on the path to self-discovery and enlightenment—tackle each one with resilience. Tough times will happen, but you can get through anything if you remind yourself why you’re here. Stay focused on your goals. Understand that overcoming obstacles will sharpen your life skills and help you deal with each new obstacle more efficiently and effectively. Overcoming obstacles gives you confidence that you can handle whatever comes your way, while also teaching you an important lesson about patience.

7. Connect with others.
Connecting with others is a great way to promote personal development. Relationships can be good or bad, yet both good and bad relationships will give you the knowledge and interpersonal skills you’ll need to work with people. Not only that, sharpening your ability to connect with others will help you weed out those toxic people who will try to drag you down. Eventually, you’ll connect only with those who bring you up, and help you achieve your goals.

I would love to be one of the “others” you connect with on your journey towards self-development, enlightenment, and—ultimately—success. My coaching program will get you unstuck and tapping into the magic that already exists within you, but hasn’t been discovered yet. Through self-discovery, your journey will take you along paths you never thought existed, or were possible for you. I promise, it’s an amazing experience and you deserve to experience it!

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teri karjala

Teri devotes herself to being the resource people need to uncover their greatest levels of joy and fulfillment in their everyday lives. From teaching courses, keynoting powerhouse events, and being a consistent abundance advocate, onlookers cannot help but leave her presence feeling energized, equipped, and ready to live life to its greatest capacity.