http://cakebysadiesmith.co.uk/celebration-cakes/black-white-cake/ Dr. Margie Warrell brings sharp insights from her diverse global background to inspire bolder thinking and braver action. Margie was a multi-hyphenate before it was a ‘thing’ — speaker, author, Forbes Columnist, podcaster, mother of four, women’s advocate, media commentator, adventure traveler, Ph.D., board advisor…and aspiring barista!

cytotec express online Margie’s passionate energy coupled with her ability to distill theory into actionable advice has set her apart on the global stage. Trusted by global brands such as Salesforce, NASA, Dell, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Shell, and Amazon to deliver transformative programs that unlock human potential and deliver measurable results. A Linked In Top Voice, Margie has walked her ‘live bravely’ talk since growing up in rural Australia, living in multiple countries (she recently returned to the US from Singapore.) In her spare time, Margie loves hiking in beautiful places, most recently summiting Mt Kilimanjaro with her husband and their four children.