Nadia Ahrens is a psychotherapist, coach, and spiritual mentor. A graduate of Columbia University, she’s been practicing the art of healing, teaching, and mentoring women for twenty years. Nadia leads workshops, online groups, and retreats, and is also an advanced clinical hypnotherapist.

She believes that we are all human, we all struggle, and we all have trauma and tragedy to grow from, herself included. Nadia shares her experiences of overcoming trauma so she can be that beacon to others. You can transform from anything and everything. Using a blend of clinical expertise with healing modalities such as hypnotherapy, soul work, and the chakra system, she teaches women how to understand their empathic gifts and release fears so they can live empowered, authentic lives.  


Connect with her:

Website:  https://nadiaahrens.com/

Facebook: @nadiaahrenscoaching@transformtheshitoutofyourlife

Instagram: @nadiaahrens 

Twitter:  @NadiaAhrens 

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadia-ahrens-licsw-16b2043/