Leah Fellows works in the new home building industry as a national online sales counselor trainer, speaker and consultant. She founded Blue Gypsy Inc. in 2010, the top boutique training company for new home builders across the country.  She has 16 years of new home sales experience and has worked in online sales since 2007.

First an in-house OSC, then remotely, and finally as a trusted adviser to builders, developers, and realty companies helping them build, hire, and train successful online sales counselor programs. As a boutique training company, she only works with a handful of builders each year to create or improve their own in-house online sales programs. Leah has trained multiple National Award Winning OSCs and regularly appears as a guest on industry podcasts, webinars, seminars, and conferences and contributes to publications and blogs. Prior to the building industry Leah lived the gypsy vagabond lifestyle traveling around the world for 13 years as a backpacker, a sailboat captain, and dive instructor after graduating from Boston University with her degree in advertising from the School of Communication. Leah is passionate about helping others professionally and personally who want to achieve their goals. She is a huge believer in collaboration, abundance, and the power of positive energy. She wishes she could be a fairy godmother and would sprinkle fairy dust on everyone if she could. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her 2 large dogs, and tolerates their two needy cats. She spends as much time as she can underwater and never sees giving up her passion for scuba diving.

Connect with Leah:

Website: www.bluegypsyinc.com

Facebook: @bluegypsyinc

LinkedIn: /in/leahkaizfellows/

Twitter: @bluegypsyinc