We are infinite beings. Everything that we need to succeed is already within us.

Teri Karjala

What if your happiness and success were contingent upon qualities already within you? That all you had to do was unlock your potential to begin living a life beyond mediocrity? Well, it’s the truth. Everything you need to be your most fulfilled and satisfied self is just below the surface of your conscious being.

Unlocking it, however, takes some work. Or maybe the better word is “retraining.” You see, for most of our lives—we have been spoon-fed words of discouragement and disdain. “You’ll never be good enough.” “You’ll never amount to anything.” “You’re worthless.” Sometimes those messages are delivered directly and hatefully; other times they come indirectly and passively. But no matter, over the years these negative words compound, piling up in our subconscious mind and impact the way we feel about ourselves.

You may be familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who studied the effect of positive and negative words on inanimate objects—water and rice. In both studies, the objects receiving words of encouragement thrived: the water, when frozen and viewed under a microscope, formed perfect crystals of ice, and the rice remained fresh and pure. However, when subjected to cruel language, the water froze into malformed ice formations and the rice rotted.

Consider how all the negativity we’ve been subjected to in our lives affects us on a cellular level? Our thoughts matter. Clean them up!

Beyond the power of words, we also have to take out our “head trash” in order to unlock our own magic. Head trash is the clutter we pick up throughout the course of our lives: from the media, from friends and family, from society as a whole. Based on our head trash, we interact with the world in a certain way, repeating the same thoughts, words and actions over and over again, developing habits that we don’t realize are preventing us from achieving true happiness.

So, how do we unravel years of negative words and head trash? How can we find the key to unlock all that exists within us? The answer is simple… we need to revoke, recant, destroy, and uncreate all the negative stories we’ve accumulated.

Of course, as you can imagine, it takes daily practice and a can-do attitude to truly untrain—and retrain—your brain to dump negative stories we’ve carried for decades. In my new book, Be the Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Life, I detail the exact steps to unlock, embrace and experience your extraordinary. To get you started, though, let’s talk about the power of touch.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an emotional version of acupuncture that stimulates the various meridian points in our body in an effort to create energetic balance. Since 2003, I’ve used EFT and my life has completely changed. It can change your life, too, enabling you to work through your own shift from negative to positive thinking and feeling.

Begin to own your happiness. Follow the easy EFT exercise in the video that follows as often as you need to keep your brain on the up-and-up:

I can’t say it enough: everything you need to succeed is already within you. You just need to unlock it. Use positive words—and accept only positive words—take out your head trash, and introduce a simple EFT tapping exercise to your daily routine, and, in time, you will begin to discover and unleash your full potential.

Check out my new book, Be the Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Happiness.

Want more information about how to be your greatest and highest self? My book, Be the Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Life is now available on Amazon.com, and eventually in Barnes and Noble and Tattered Cover.

Live an extraordinary life, take responsibility for your happiness, eliminate the stories that no longer serve you, discover the gifts you were innately born with, and truly believe in the abundant possibilities surrounding you.

This book will provide you with dynamic, outside-the-box tools to discover the power within yourself to create the life of your dreams.

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teri karjala

Teri devotes herself to being the resource people need to uncover their greatest levels of joy and fulfillment in their everyday lives. From teaching courses, keynoting powerhouse events, and being a consistent abundance advocate, onlookers cannot help but leave her presence feeling energized, equipped, and ready to live life to its greatest capacity.

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