Those who are most successful in life are often filled with self-confidence. But how did these people achieve it? For some it seems so effortless. For the rest of us, self-confidence can be a struggle. Whether we engage in self-sabotage or are surrounded by toxic people, self-confidence doesn’t always come easy. I know it didn’t come easy to me! It took me years to build confidence in myself… and even still I feel shaky from time to time!

Fortunately, for those who struggle with low self-confidence, all it takes is a little practice to start believing in yourself and realizing your dreams.

Here are 10 tips to improve self confidence and start succeeding, personally and professionally:

1. Set targets for yourself. When you set and achieve targets, you quickly gain confidence. Write down targets or goals—whether small or big—so that when you reach them, you remember it was a target you set for yourself. Doing this again and again will have you realizing you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Progress is gradual and success takes time, but noticing how often you actually reach your targets helps you get motivated to achieve more of what you want.

2. Break targets down into baby steps. Something that can really help you make progress is breaking goals or targets into smaller, easy to monitor baby steps. For instance, if you want to lose 10 pounds, break the goal down into small daily changes or activities you can do. Note your progress so you can see how far you’ve come, and slowly gain confidence that you’ve got this.

3. Workout your mind and body. Exercise helps the brain develop clarity and focus, while keeping stress at bay. Anxiety will inevitably surface once you start going after your goals, but exercise will help you feel better almost immediately.

4. Be true to yourself. When making daily decisions, make sure you execute them based on the person you want to be—the best version of yourself. Especially when you are working towards certain goals and times get tough, the easy way out always looks like an enticing option. Ask yourself if your values and decisions are living up to the person you want to be.

5. Take risks and learn as you go. There’s no such thing as a failure—only learning opportunities. Even though, sometimes, your goals may be tough and you feel like you don’t have the courage to keep going, remember that every single person who has reached a level of success has felt doubt at one point. Taking risks will always be worthwhile.

6. Don’t let the negativity of others get you down. At some point during the pursuit of your goals, someone will try to bring you down with their negativity. You’ll be put down, made to feel inferior, or you’ll be told you can’t do it. Do what you can to minimize interactions with toxic, negative people as they will squash your self-confidence.

7. Follow through. Stay the course and continue with all the baby steps you set for yourself to accomplish your bigger targets. Each little step you achieve will improve your self-confidence. The belief that you can accomplish what you set out to do will strengthen your vision and make you feel good about who you are, while boosting your skills for future endeavors.

8. Think about the bigger picture. Sometimes you have to sacrifice short-term needs to get to your long-term goal. For instance, if you are trying to lose weight, which is a long-term goal, you may not want to eat those French fries you’re craving today. Decide if your short-term wants (French fries) are worth risking the long-term goal you want to achieve, and then prioritize what matters most to you.

9. Surround yourself with a healthy support system. Make sure you have positive people in your life who support your goals and lift you up when you’re down. I’d love to be a part of your rock-solid support team—schedule a free 30-minute chat and learn how the support of a coach can make all the difference in the world.

10. Do activities that make you happy. Do you love to be in nature? Read a book? Scrapbook? We often do the things we love because we’re good at them, so doing activities that make you feel good about yourself will boost your confidence even more.

Of course, though these 10 tips for improving self-confidence are simple to understand and follow, holding yourself accountable is the real challenge. Check out my blog, “Holding Yourself Accountable: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself on Track Towards Reaching Your Goals” and learn how to ensure you stay on the beam. You can also schedule a free 30-minute Talk with Teri and learn how working with a coach can hold you accountable to yourself as you take steps towards creating the life of your dreams.

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